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Next Man Up offers Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Manual Lymphatic Drainage or Lymphatic Massage, is a gentle massage designed to decrease recovery time , pain, swelling and fibrosis from post-op liposuction, 360 tuck , BBL and breast reconstruction. Other medical concerns or disease states that can benefit are fibromyalgia ,lymphedema , chronic venous insufficiency, post-mastectomy lymphedema and orthopedic surgery to name a few. This massage may also include ultrasound to decrease scar tissue formation. The required number of massages will be determined by the physician and your recovery outcomes. Dr. Cooksey who is also a clinical pharmacist has extensive knowledge as to when this service is contraindicated.  What is the lymphatic system and its functions. But what causes this swelling? Edema is a local or general accumulation of fluid in the interstitial tissue spaces that is the result of an altered physiological function in the body. The swelling may be a result of the release of histamine after an injury.  Any fluid in the lymphatic system is termed lymph. The lymph contains white blood cells, plasma proteins, fats, cell fragments, bacteria and viruses. An equilibrium is maintained as long as the fluid entering the interst