Who Needs Self Care

Who Needs Self Care

Self Care is a haircut.

Self care is a necessity at the end of a long day.

Black Men

What is self care? Until recently, selfcare was not on the radar for most Black men , which  is simply the act of taking care of yourself. No longer is it in the distance. It is now in the foreground.  

For over 37 years I provided healthcare to the Black community. In 2015 I decided  to venture into a more precise improvement of their health by opening Next Man Up, a spa that caters to men. Next Man Up is a destination that caters to a man’s grooming needs. 

Self care at Next Man Up results in a well groomed man with a decrease in his stress level. Under the roof of Next Man Up you can find services here just for him.  We are about stressing  grooming disciplines to help improve the  personal, social, health and psychological well being of the men. For the most part , there are 5 personal grooming types, personal hygiene, dental care, skin care, hair care, and nail care.  Next Man Up focuses on 3 of the five, skin, nail and hair care. In this article we will  focus on hair care and  barber services. 

Haircuts, In-grown and Razor Bumps 

Our barber services focus on haircuts, in-grown, razor bumps and beard maintenance. It is imperative that a man designs a  grooming schedule to support the health of his hair whether on your head or on your face. The schedule must address the washing of the hair, the frequency of the haircut, and any hair removal service.  African American men should wash their hair 1-2 times a week without over drying it out. If the schedule allows, a haircut   every 2-3 weeks and a beard trim every 6-8 weeks if trying to grow a beard  and  every 3-4 weeks for maintenance suffices for  healthy hair care. A well  maintained  beard should be shampooed conditioned  and treated with a beard balm.

Since the removal of hair can cause ingrown and razor bumps, a professional haircut can alleviate some issues   An in-grown is due to the hair curving back into the skin after removal . To decrease the occurrence  of an in-grown, exfoliate before and after the removal of hair.  Because in-grown hair is more prominent in the Black community , a routine schedule helps. On the other hand Razor bumps are inflamed areas ,resulting  in  clusters of small bumps around the hair follicle. Self care measures can be taken to alleviate the inflammation such as allowing the  hair grow out, shave every other day or use an electric razor. 

Together with a scheduled haircut and proper products, your hair will of course be a topic of discussion. 

In conclusion Next Man Up can provide an overall self care experience as it relates to your hair. 


Visit nextmanupspa.com to learn about the services and products offered to maintain a health head of hair and beard.