Next Man Up has your Back! 

No need to say it again we’re all living through a pandemic, and though you may have ran to the spa when facials were allowed, we’re back to phase three…but that doesn’t mean self care has to cease completely. This years stressors may have caused you to sweat a little more than normal encouraging breakouts, over production of oil or dryness, and now that we’ve taken out our parka’s, those breakouts could be on your back.

Back facials aren’t just for summer anymore, a deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment preformed by your Esthetician with professional modalities on, you guessed it! the back. The facial begins with warm essential oil infused steam, followed by a first cleanse, analyzation, then a second cleanse to start the exfoliation process. The back facial concludes with extractions, a treatment or therapeutic mask and finishing products meant to deeply hydrate and keep the skin feeling refreshed. 

Back facials have proven to heal dry skin, ease tension in the back and treat back acne. 

Each day we shed skin, if proper exfoliation isn’t taking place at home, you can expect between 25 and thirty layers of dry dead skin by the end of each month causing all types of havoc! Sweat is often the main contributor to skin inflammation and acne which is only made worse if you aren’t able to cleanse your back thoroughly in the shower, and let’s be honest, we can’t ALL reach our backs. After your first back facial you can expect to feel the cool winter air as never before, your moisturizing products will absorb into the skin nicely without rubbing for minutes and with regular treatments, reduction of hyperpigmentation, improvement in texture, evening of tone and a love for yourself like never before. I’ve got your back- see an Esthetician. 

-Esthetician Armaria