Men-On-Pause /Vaginal Dryness

Men-On-Pause /Vaginal Dryness

Does Your woman Have You ON PAUSE!!!

Vaginal dryness is a common problem for women during and after menopause (the end of the menstrual cycle) that can and will affect your love life. She might be telling you “No” or ”Hurry up and get it over with!” This is due to a thinning and inflammation of the vaginal wall, light bleeding, which can make sex undesirable, painful and uncomfortable to say the least. It’s like rubbing fine sandpaper over dry skin. Not only is there vaginal dryness, but there is also breast tenderness and a loss of libido. The desire for sex is declining or just does not exist.

There is normally a thin layer of moisture that coats the vaginal walls. When your woman is sexually aroused, more blood flows to her pelvic organs, creating more lubricating vaginal fluid. But hormonal changes associated with her menstrual cycle, aging, menopause, childbirth and breast-feeding may affect the amount and consistency of this moisture. Medications, such as those for breast cancer and decongestants can also affect the vaginal moisture. Effects on her ovaries from cancer therapy, including radiation therapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, surgical removal of her ovaries, immune disorders, and cigarette smoking all can cause vaginal dryness.

What You Can Do

If her vaginal dryness affects your lifestyle, in particular your sex life and relationship with her, suggest she makes an appointment with her doctor. If that does not work, then we suggest additional foreplay to increase the arousal phase and or a lubricant. There are several lubricants on the market such as KY ®, Astroglide® that can be applied to the penis and to her. You can also purchase lubricants as part of what are called “karmasutra” kits (can be brought on line) that have additional additive effects. Do not choose products that contain glycerin. Lubricated condoms just might also help her and you!

Having intercourse regularly also may help promote better vaginal lubrication for her. Be a little gentler on the breast and recognize the signs of a loss of desire for sex and do not get it mixed up with a loss of desire for you!

There will be clues, you just have to recognize them.


This article is for informational purposes ONLY. It is not to suggest nor diagnose any disease state. ALWAYS seek professional help from a medically licensed professional.