NMU nail services will help increase circulation and mobility of the joints in your hands and feet, helps to decrease stress, and improve the health of your nails by decreasing chances of infections as well as helping to provide early detection of any potential health concerns.

Basic Nail Services

Our basic nail services include a soak, cut, trim and filing of the nails. We also offer a diabetic pedicure under our nail service. You can also upgrade to our Premium nail service. Additional nail services include service for brittle and or cracking nails, callous treatment and dry feet services.

  • Manicure

  • Pedicure

  • Mani + Pedi

  • No-Chip Manicure

  • No-Chip Polish Add On

    This service can be added to any basic or premium service
  • No-Chip Removal

  • Three-In-One

    Experience our three popular services in one visit. A relaxing one hour massage and our one hour relaxing hand and foot service.
  • Ridged Nail Treatment

  • Brittle Nail Treatment

  • Diabetic Pedicure

    This experience is for those with Diabetes and in need of foot care. Specific filing, soaking, and products are used for this service and even after care.
  • footlogix (registered trademark)

    Anti-Fungal Toe Tincture (1% Clotrimazole) is proven to provide preventative care for toes that are prone to fungal infections. Footlogix is a registered trademark.
  • Runners Feet

    Runners feet was developed for those who either run or stand for long hours. The experience consist of a a spearmint and eucalyptus soak for cooling , pain and inflammation. Followed by a thorough massage of the foot and calf .
  • Toes and Tequilla

    Pedicure and Tequila
  • Hands and Hennessy

    Manicure and Hennessy
  • Feet & Neat

    Enjoy a 15 minute foot massage with a $15 drink of choice. (This service is only offered FRIDAYS 5-9pm)

Premium Nail Services

Premium Nail service include all amenities of the Basic Service and include: Exfoliation, Paraffin and Mask treatment.

  • Manicure

  • Pedicure

  • Mani + Pedi

  • Athlete Foot II

    Tea Tree foot soak, tea tree foot balm, peeling skin product applied with a shoe spay for home use.